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Holzbau Meiberger/M-Preis

best architects 14

commercial/industrial buildings




Volker Wortmeyer


Three key issues were significant for the conversion of the building for the timber construction company: the integration of residential use; the modernisation, extension and structuring of the interiors and sequences for the various uses; and the contemporary formulation of an outward appearance that indicates the functions inside. The building, whose systems were brought into line with modern energy standards, is now couched in a transparent shell of solid wood slats for a harmonious overall look. The varied distances between the slats hint at the functions behind and lend a pleasing horizontal rhythm to the façade. Retail operations are housed in a separate concrete element for the desired prominence in the ensemble. The apartments and the office for the construction company, lined inside completely in wood, are more formally reserved in order to create a homogeneous impression, with the gap between building and shell serving as a loggia giving onto the Alpine environment.