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Falke Flagship Store Zürich

best architects 14

interior work




Constantin Meyer


The structural basis for the interior design concept takes its cue from the heritage-listed building. The volumes and layout of the new extension are incorporated according to these existing spatial conditions and are designed to generate a maximum of invisible storage space. The products with their variety of materials, colours and shapes are arranged on the front surfaces as an essential design feature, while the room itself recedes as a neutral space in every respect, although traces of the past are subtly accentuated. These »traces« refer back to the history of the 1537 building and enrich the new concept with a site-specific, localising component. The execution of all installations aims for highest-quality workmanship and precision – a conceptual aspiration that also distinguishes Falke’s collections. The choice of all materials, surfaces and handcrafted finishes also reflects these high standards.