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Gus Wüstemann


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Bruno Helbling


The site is located on a hillside on Lake Zurich in a suburban setting. The goal was not to find a use for remaining space, but rather to come up with an overall solution. We set two verandas on the periphery of the property and linked them with a scenic promenade. In the middle lies the park, which can be »taken in« from any spot. A bold figure in exposed concrete holds the entire house together inside, which is why a wooden façade was chosen to enclose the bedrooms on the ground floor. The living area of the main house is located on the upper floor, with views of the lake, while the family lounge and patio are on the ground level. Exposed concrete for the interior and exterior, rough wooden facades and natural stone make for authentic surfaces. Powerful spaces and openings without glazing – although the mass dominates – generate living quarters as covered exterior spaces. Rough materials such as concrete, travertine and wood are the keynotes in the building’s look and feel. Themes such as space/mass, light/periphery, interior/exterior space and program-free architecture define the project, resulting in a Mediterranean quality of life in the North.