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Gredig Walser Dipl. Architekten

Regionales Verwaltungszentrum Thusis

best architects 14

office/administrative buildings




Ralph Feiner


As a solitary building, the new administrative centre complements the typical development structure along Feldstrasse. The architecture of the new building makes reference to the neighbouring new village quarter, which was rebuilt after a devastating fire in 1845 in a strictly geometrical arrangement. In its volumetry and alignment, as well as its clean-lined shape and clearly articulated façades, the administrative centre echoes these refined houses influenced by the Italian building style just over the border. The hillside location allows for access from two different levels. Entrances in light beige concrete lead in from the upper Stallstrasse to the cantonal police and from Feldstrasse below to the remaining administrative offices. The visitor is greeted on the inside by an impressive all-white entrance hall, an elongated rectangular space soaring up over three storeys with a cascading staircase. The hall is both access area and meeting place for the various public offices all united under one roof.