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Graser Architekten

Familienwohnhaus Regensbergstrasse

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Ralph Feiner


The family apartment house on Regensbergstrasse is set in an urban residential area with gardens and free-standing buildings. The interior structure is the result of the brief to develop apartments for private clients with spatial qualities that come close to those in a detached house: multi-directional orientation, privileged access to the outdoors and multiple storeys. Three maisonettes and one studio apartment are arranged around the longitudinal access core. The core contains – spatially separated – public and private stairs that are cross-linked in opposing directions. This core and the attached floors were poured on site. All around the core, steel supports set back from ceiling ends replace exterior load-bearing walls, while a curtain wall closes the volume off from the outside. The handling of the industrial building systems, in particular the façade panels, is essential to the design. The building-high curtain panels, which are mounted in alternation with glazed mullion-transom elements, give the apartment building an unusual, yet elegant look.