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Single-family home in Aesch

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Dominique Marc Wehrli


The topography of the terrain sloping down to the lake, the incomparable view, the sun exposure, but also the immediate neighbourhood gave rise to a compact structure modulated to fit the contour of the slope whose bold formulation makes it an identity-lending location within the district.

The outer form of the building reflects the organisation of the interior, which is zoned into several layers of space. The choice of a layout based on a split-level typology enables an exciting sequence of spaces to be realised, from the entrance area on the hill side to the projection on the opposite side overlooking the lake. This configuration spatially weaves together the main levels, with the three storeys gently folded into one another. The layout thus accents the slope gradient while also making possible a nuanced lighting concept that underscores the house’s main orientation toward lake and sky.