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Gohm Hiessberger Architekten

Wohnanlage Papillon

best architects 14

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Bruno Klomfar


Set in a moraine ridge in the Rhine Valley, somewhat elevated over the plain, with the Swiss Alps and the »Three Sisters« peaks in view, the Papillon residential complex is nestled within a typical development. The ensemble is composed of three structures with differentiated, well-proportioned volumes that insert themselves naturally into the sloping site. On the valley side, a three-storey block rises from a square ground plan. On the corner at the top of the slope is a square volume and, opposite it and somewhat offset, a closed cube housing a workshop and music rehearsal room. Between them are gardens and courtyards at various levels. Three materials: wood, aluminium, glass. Three surface structures: fine vertical lines, horizontal rows of window blinds, pronounced alumin-ium panels that look like beams. The tectonics appear rational and modular, with storey-high square windows as basic element. Set atop a concrete base is a completely timber-frame construction using prefabricated elements. Only the reinforcing stair and elevator cores are concrete.