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Goetz Hootz Castorph Architekten und Stadtplaner

Haus G.

best architects 14

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Michael Heinrich


A musician couple wanted to have a house for themselves and their two children that was planned for the long term with respect to organisation, energy use, construction and formal concept. A large music room was to form the thematic focal point of the home, large enough to accommodate even a church organ. Form/design__In its overall appearance, the house perched on a rise west of Lake Starnberg embodies a timeless and supraregional building form. The façades are articulated by the use of a single window type in scaled sizes, distributed in different rhythms over the wood surface of the building shell. The design principle here is akin to when a musician repeats a single note both loudly and quietly, high and deep, in a slow beat or freeform sequence. Organisation__A wooden envelope with a clean-lined silhouette encases two houses in one: the »residence«, divided into perceptibly defined and yet not completely self-contained areas, and the »music house«, a high-ceilinged hall as an archaic architectural trope with pitched roof. Construction__The house is a timber frame structure with 24-cm wood fibre insulation that sits atop a partial basement built of solid masonry. Residence and music house are separated by a building joint hidden beneath the continuous wood façade. Energy use__The house has a central ventilation system with heat recovery and air humidification. Geothermal probes supply a brine water heat pump for the production of hot water. The impermeability of the building envelope is of passive house standard.