Elmar Ludescher Architektur: SPAR Markt am Kresserbühel - best architects 14

Elmar Ludescher Architektur

SPAR Markt am Kresserbühel

best architects 14

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Elmar Ludescher


Holzbau: Fussenegger Holzbau GmbH 


The new SPAR Market completes a square lined with diverse buildings at a junction of the L190. The volume closes a gap in the townscape while also framing the street space. The built environment consists of an historic inn called Gasthaus Kreuz, an old monastery – in a former townhouse built in 1850 – with the accompanying church, and a farmhouse. Pushed up to the two street lines, the new building joins the existing development to frame the intersection. A raised section of the volume hints at the importance of the state road. Inside, the spatial highlight is the high entrance area, with a skylight above letting in the morning sun. The sales floor is lined with Aleppo pine panelling and opens onto the street with a panoramic window, allowing the depth of the interior to be experienced from the street. The exterior of the timber-frame market is clad completely in local larch shingles – a façade that displays meticulous workmanship and one that will age with dignity while harmonising beautifully with the historical ensemble.