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Wohnhaus Neufrankengasse

best architects 14 in Gold

multi-family homes






Simon Menges


The project evolved based on its intriguing location between two extremes: the inner-city District 5 and the vast wasteland of the railway tracks. Through its expansiveness, this »lake of a different kind« gives the setting an extraordinary quality. The layered structure of the building responds to the external conditions with both its ground plan and section. Bedrooms and loggias face south, toward the quiet courtyard. In the centre are entrance halls, bathrooms and dressing rooms. Living and dining areas benefit from the open expanse of the track field. Depending on their height in the building, they extend in some cases over two storeys, allowing the lower flats to benefit from added spatial value. Generously dimensioned loggias visually connect the large living rooms with the courtyard. Access to the house and the three staircases is gained either from Langstrasse or from the courtyard, via the naturally lit basement level. The building’s exterior architectural expression sets the scene for the inner structure. Above the expanse of the tracks, large window openings punctuate the regular façade. Looking onto the more intimate courtyard side is a serene and regular perforated façade. Here, the offset balconies hint at the lively interior.