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Hauptsitz Sedorama AG

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Roger Frei


By building a Swiss headquarters directly on the A1 motorway, the Sedorama company has ventured to step onto the main stage. The architecture by EM2N takes up the company values: customer orientation and perfection. The building is a hybrid warehouse, shipping centre and workshop, but also a combination showroom and eye-catcher. EM2N’s typical principle of »not only ... but also« is very noticeable here: the building is at once spectacular and reserved, efficiently designed yet at the same time poetic and opulent. It positions itself at an exciting interface between utilitarian purpose-built architecture and its function as headquarters and showcase. The building volume, slightly concave on both sides, turns toward the passing cars and also addresses the car park with a welcoming arrival area. On entering, the visitor is surprised to find a several-storey-high tiered cascade as spatial principle. A staircase leads up to the piano nobile, from where the exhibition winds through a sequence of inner terraces and connecting stairs. All surfaces are either left raw or painted white. This strong, neutral background forms the stage for the dramatic presentation of the company’s products.