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Christ & Gantenbein

Wohn- und Geschäftshaus VoltaMitte

best architects 14

multi-family homes




Tonatiuh Ambrosetti


This residential and commercial building closes the triangular block between Voltaplatz and Lothringerplatz in the northern part of Basel, where the formerly busy Voltastrasse separates a residential from an industrial area. The building is part of the urban development scheme undertaken to upgrade the St. Johann quarter following the construction of an underground urban motorway there, completed in 2007. A zigzagging façade of blackish brick with ribbon windows articulates the 180-metre-long block, opening up views to the east and west despite the building’s predominant north-south orientation. On the interior, the unusual shape creates 92 individual apartment types with diversified floor plans, extending over five storeys. At the centre of each flat is a spacious room connecting the street and courtyard sides and opening to the outside with a loggia or balcony. On the ground floor, generously proportioned passages allow for vistas from the street and between the shops through to the leafy inner courtyard.