Christ & Gantenbein: Geschäftshaus am Bahnhofsplatz - best architects 14

Christ & Gantenbein

Geschäftshaus am Bahnhofsplatz

best architects 14

office/administrative buildings




Roman Keller


The distinctive volume of the office and commercial building occupies a triangular site right next to Liestal Station. With its façade of anthracite-coloured concrete elements, the building exudes robustness and stability in this dynamic setting. The expressive volume seems almost to grow out of the ground, reaching its maximum width only on the first floor. In the base area, the cube is tapered. Here, the façade is largely closed, while on the upper floors it derives its shape from concrete frame elements with strikingly notched window surrounds. The basic motif of the façade is formed by the office axis grid on the upper floors, measuring 2.65 meters in width, which evenly enfolds the entire building, each façade element corresponding to an office axis. Thanks to this interior grid, the 7- to 10-metre-deep rooms arranged around a central supply core offer flexible usage. On the station square, the façade is set back on the ground floor to create a protected waiting area for bus passengers in front of the main entrance and shops.