Carlos Martinez Architekten: Kurhaus Oberwaid - best architects 14

Carlos Martinez Architekten

Kurhaus Oberwaid

best architects 14

commercial/industrial buildings


St. Gallen/Schweiz


Hannes Thalmann


The new complex for the Oberwaid Kurhaus and Medical Center was built in the shape of a Franciscan tau cross, chosen on the one hand to meet the need for natural light in the rooms and on the other as a reminder of the tradition of nursing care practiced by the sisters of Baldegg. The large volume was inserted into the topography in such a way that it both welcomes visitors on the entrance side and also responds to the groves of trees that define the surrounding park. The structure is divided horizontally into base, a transition level and the guest wings. The ends of the form symbolise the entire human being: body, mind and soul. Care is provided for all three components in this building. The north-west wing, the body, holds all the staff rooms, the laundry, and all catering facilities. The south-eastern end of the cross symbolises the mind. Here, the medical centre, doctors rooms and seminar rooms can be found. The southern wing integrates the spa area, with a large swimming pool, and stands for the human soul. The house is hence a health generator for all the senses.