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Info und Ticketoffice LINZ09

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Dietmar Tollerian


Linz is provincial – people love to repeat this claim, which even rhymes in German. And: it happens to be true. This is not bad in principle. It would only be bad if the city would try to defy this status by attempting to come across as particularly urban or »stylish«. The answer can be understood as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the region, but also of course as a welcoming gesture: the chequered tablecloth as a symbol of hospitality. And nothing else appears besides this oversized tablecloth. No information conveyed by large signs, banners or façade inscriptions; the infopoint is meant to be self-explanatory. It was very important to the architects to come into contact with the historically fraught building fabric as little as possible. Therefore, just a single new layer, a cloth, was placed on the ground. It bulges up to form furniture and ultimately ends as a divider keeping its distance from the historic structure.