Brune Architekten: Labor für Wasserwesen der Universität Neubiberg - best architects 14

Brune Architekten

Labor für Wasserwesen der Universität Neubiberg

best architects 14

commercial/industrial buildings




Zooey Braun


The design of the laboratory for the Institute of Hydro Sciences at the Universität der Bundeswehr München at Neubiberg generates in its volume and positioning an urban structure in the midst of a wide variety of typologies on the campus that allows for extensions to be added at a later date. The placid and clean-lined outward appearance conceals a hall construction of three-dimensionally twisted, clamped frame girders. The lower third of the volume is enclosed in a timber frame structure with back-ventilated larchwood cladding and the upper two-thirds in double-layer, translucent polycarbonate twinwall sheets with an internal ventilation and construction layer. The hall serves as a space for experimental setups as well as a storage area and will be used to accept delivery of large machines from the forecourt to the west. An inserted two-storey cube, accessed via the main entrance on the south façade, is connected to the northern exterior wall only on the ground floor and houses the additional utility spaces.