Benthem Crouwel: Erweiterung Deutsches Bergbau-Museum, Bochum - best architects 14

Benthem Crouwel

Erweiterung Deutsches Bergbau-Museum, Bochum

best architects 14

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Udo Kowalski


The design makes direct reference to the subject of mining, taking the form of a massive volume criss-crossed by corridors, tunnels and ramps. The museum hence resembles a large cross-section model of a mine. The tunnel-like system connects large exhibition spaces carved out of the volume. Advancing through these spaces, visitors feel like they’re on a kind of treasure hunt. The theme of mining thus becomes tangibly accessible. On the ground floor of the new building is a foyer with reception desk along with a cloakroom and a space for the permanent exhibition on St. Barbara. The two upper floors hold exhibition spaces sized approximately 400 sqm on each floor. Both storeys are connected by bridges to the exhibition spaces in the heritage-listed older building. The clear and concise spatial concept is echoed in the use of materials and finishes. The closed part of the façade consists of a seamless rough plaster surface in black with glittering slivers of silicon carbide blown in.