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Bechter & Mennel

Marenda Brotkultur

best architects 14

interior work




Adolf Bereuter


Freestanding furniture made of cement tiles, in a market-like arrangement, presents the goods produced by the new Marenda bakery. Like a flaneur, the customer strolls among the various counters and can convince himself of the quality of the products. The coffeehouse as such is at once urban, global and regional. It fulfils the dual needs for communication and withdrawal, offering guests a place to take a break and revive themselves over the course of the day. These tasks of the coffeehouse have been merged here at the Marenda shop with an open bakery. The tiles as material for the furniture are a reference to the Austrian baking traditions that became standard from around 1900. Besides being stylish and chic, they form with their durability and timeless motifs a design bracket between the bake shop and the coffeehouses in other cultures.