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Arnold / Werner

James T. Hunt Bar

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Arnold Werner


About 100 years ago, a constant stream of artists lived, worked and enjoyed life around the Schellingstrasse in Munich where the bar is located. A custom-made tin bar is the room’s social focal point. Above and around it, the historic wall panelling which was salvaged from the 19th-century Hotel Britannia in Vienna, while Uli Hackl’s abstract art adds a whole new dimension to the space. An extensive Chesterfield sofa invites guests to stay. Filament light bulbs and lateral candle-lit porcelain lamps, made by the Milan designers Dante, illuminate the bar with warm light. The »Jochen Rind-Salon« at the back of the bar provides additional space for private conversations and small festivities. A curved oak bench covered in black linoleum shapes the room organically. Floor and walls are covered with black carpet, which leads to an intimate atmosphere and ideal acoustics.