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Atelier Brückner

TextilWerk Bocholt – Spinnerei

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Mac Tanó


The TextilWerk Bocholt embodies a subtle dialogue between historical building fabric and contemporary architectural accents. Through targeted interventions, the original functional relationships in the spinning mill are showcased and can be experienced in a fresh way. A new staircase, accentuated in red, forms the central access element, set into the 20-metre-high rope shaft of the former factory. The building now opens along the original energy axis: from boiler house to engine house and rope shaft to the spinning rooms and the new rooftop café, which takes the place of a former MEP-room. New function rooms were inserted into the industrial building as independent elements; formal language and colours developed out of the old building fabric. The historic building, which as a document of its times was allowed to keep all the traces of its use, is now joined by a contemporary layer of equal value.