L3P Architekten: Neubau 2 EFH, Wingert, Oberweningen - best architects 13

L3P Architekten

Neubau 2 EFH, Wingert, Oberweningen

best architects 13

single family homes






Vito Stallone


Despite their narrow plot, these two freestanding single-family homes set in the countryside tread new paths in terms of volumetric configuration and spatial situation. The basic typology of the semi-detached house was broken in two and the resulting halves then worked over as if by a sculptor. The result is two polygonal volumes whose mutual proximity is a key quality feature. Without any direct views possible inside the other house, the rooms of both are yet enlivened with glints from the reflecting pools, reflections across the facades and views through the sequence of spaces – a very special place with a striking radiance and intimate feel. The buildings’ situation on the grounds also shapes their interiors. A well-thought-out circulation concept organises the rooms in a split-level configuration and makes the course of the slope tangible inside. The materials chosen for facade and roof lend the structures a distinctive presence. With the help of the artist Thomas Sonderegger, the architects experimented with the surface effects of galvanised steel. They succeed in producing panels with uniquely expressive and animated surfaces, used for the first time here for exterior cladding. Their design contributes to the buildings’ monolithic presence – which again evokes the hand of the sculptor.