Edelmann Krell Dipl. Architekten ETH SIA: Wohnhaus Cala Blava - best architects 13

Edelmann Krell Dipl. Architekten ETH SIA

Wohnhaus Cala Blava

best architects 13

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Roger Frei


Set directly on the coast, the site of the detached house in Cala Blava provides the perfect setting for an atmospheric staging of architecture against the landscape. The volumetric intermeshing of building volume and surroundings is already evident on the exterior – the result of a structural approach to space that encircles a spacious open living room on the ground floor with four freely placed volumes and then condenses on the upper storey into a projecting series of rooms. The cantilevers define four exterior spaces with one-sided orientation, each connecting on the inside with one of the lounge areas that are arranged like wings around the central fireplace of the living room. In the area of the ground-floor volumes, the upper floor is set back to create four large terraces. The establishment of three different room typologies – large living room, wood-lined rooms and colourful individual rooms – gives the large house a skilfully modulated articulation that manifests itself in a calculated progression of varied moods.