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Osterwold°Schmidt EXP!ANDER Architekten

Umbau und Erweiterung in Selb

best architects 13

single family homes




Matthias Schmidt


The starting point for this project was an inherited family home from 1956 that was in need of renovation. The “solid middle-class” look of the house no longer fit the lifestyle of the new inhabitants. By extending the property, it was possible to lay out all the living spaces on one level and to connect indoors and outdoors both physically and by way of multiple sight axes. This linking of interior and exterior is also carried down to the former basement, where patios now offer new usage qualities. The patios separate and conjoin functional areas and create an exciting alternation between inside and outside. Living areas are aligned toward the south and west, while large roof overhangs support the passive energy concept. With the completion of the remodelling, a customised house adapted to fit the needs of the residents has been created – a new framework for the old building fabric, an engaging mesh of old and new, and some beautiful prospects …