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Titus Bernhard Architekten

Haus K

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single family homes




Jens Weber & Orla Conolly


In this single-family home, indoors and outdoors interpenetrate thanks to the deft arrangement of passe-partouts framing the lovely vistas while hiding the less appealing elements of the surroundings. The complex cubature of the house, with components that are both overlapping and nested, a series of skylights and atriums, as well as the expansive terrace landscape with pool and scenic backdrops, allow house and garden to merge fluidly. The spatial constellation thus achieved is marked by intriguing contrasts: rambling/dense, light/dark, horizontal/vertical, organic/geometric, etc. While the language and stylistic devices of classical Modernism have been applied here, the architecture derives its independence from the fusion of built structure and garden/nature. The materials were restricted to fine-grained white marble plaster, warm, light-coloured sandstone and glass.