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SEHW Architektur Berlin

SC 11 Wohnung in Berlin

best architects 13

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Andreas Süß


In a bold gesture, the award-winning building that was initiated as a development-group project by “smarthoming” squarely occupies a piece of land on a corner near the former wall area in Berlin-Mitte, sending out positive impulses for the development of this once so desolate and neglected location. This apartment is the only one in the building to extend over two floors, becoming a house within a house. This effect is increased all the more by the expansion of the living space into an introverted outdoor area, which – ironically, considering the history of the setting – is walled in order to shield it from the former border guard patrol route that is part of the Berlin Wall memorial site. Behind an almost completely continuous glass façade, an equally continuous, flowing room is created with the aid of homogeneous white flooring. The south facade can be opened entirely, allowing the living and dining space to become a loggia in summer. Living, dining and cooking are assigned zones through the use of a green box inserted into the space.