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Pedevilla Architekten

Einrichtung Schmuckgeschäft

best architects 13

interior work




Jürgen Eheim


The shop is located in the historic district of the city of Bruneck in South Tyrol. Two long jewellery showcases line either side of the narrow room with its gothic vaulting. A metal partition divides the work area at the back from the rest of the shop. The ornament designed specifically for this room can be seen on the cream-coloured surfaces of the showcases, the mirrors and the metal back wall. Special attention was paid to the workmanship of the materials. The ornament is laser-engraved into the plastic finishes of the showcases; the metal entrance door, mirrors and back wall are hot-dip galvanised; and the floor is hand-smoothed. The ultramarine colour of lapis lazuli serves as corporate identity and is used in the logo, door handles and cash desk.