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Umbau Güggelturm St. Andreas Cham

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Dominique Marc Wehrli


The corner tower on St. Andreas castle square was built in 1903. Formerly serving as a laundry, the listed monument was remodelled into a work room and conference room on two different storeys. In order to make the initially poorly insulated, damp rooms suitable for use, the tower was first gutted all the way up to its dome. The intermediate ceiling was replaced and the outer walls sealed and minimally insulated on the inside. A new wooden structure spanning both storeys was inserted into the round building. The installation is made of pale maple, creating a contrast with the dark wood of the legacy windows. All functions such as tea kitchen, shelves and the work table are incorporated in the structure. The end point of the wooden structure forms a spiral table in the upper storey, its flat work surface creating a counterpoint to the existing dome. Like traditional roll-front cabinets, the built-in units all have partially fixed and partially moveable slatted wood fronts. The continuous row of slats unifies the two storeys. Depending on how it is being used, the appearance of the furniture changes according to the differing degrees to which the slats are open or closed.