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Labor Weltenbau | Elmar Gauggel

Zeiss Store Berlin

best architects 13

interior work




Oliver Kern


The ZEISS Premium Store on the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin glows in gleaming white. Gravitating towards the pure light, clients enter the futuristic store and are greeted by the soft curves of the shelves and furniture that effortlessly form the reduced architecture of the corner shop. Blue and white LEDs illuminate the heart of the store, where the optician displays his expertise. Behind a transparent glass rotunda, measuring visual acuity becomes a show. Taking a seat on the chair, the client is beamed up to the next millennium as optometry instruments swivel and emerge from their hiding places to be put through their paces. To complete the experience, two rounded lounge corners offer a relaxed atmosphere for consultation. The flowing lines of the design, the special lighting and the impressive features make the ZEISS Store a one-of-a-kind stage for eyeglass shopping.