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Florian Holzherr


A white wall slab with two generous openings stretches across the entire width of the room, creating a separation between the showroom and the planning office in back. Integrated cabinets provide storage space for office material. Screens can be placed in front of the openings in order to give a presentation to the outside. The white walls with their project images framed in light-coloured wood contrast nicely with the rough reinforced concrete ceiling and screed floor. An ever-changing collection of samples and details is presented upon a solid wood table made of white oiled spruce. The black linoleum work and conference tables are kept in the background. A spiral staircase leads to the atmospheric showroom, complete with a room-length shelf filled with samples of surface finishes. The wall and floor coverings made of maritime pine follow a consistent joint pattern. A line of white laminate kitchen cabinets fits harmoniously into the setting and augments the presentation of materials and details.