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Rupert Steiner


The wooden tower is 66.72 metres high and has a footprint measuring 8 x 7 metres. It enables visitors to look out from an elevated position across the 109 hectares of the new urban district growing up around Vienna’s main station. We find ourselves here on a “hunt for the city”, and therefore associations with a raised hide for hunters are absolutely encouraged. The exhibition building is a modest two-storey wooden structure that stands out from its surroundings thanks to its striking colour scheme. A ramp leads to the transparent ground floor, where the visitor proceeds through a revolving door to the foyer and café. A broad staircase, tapering slightly towards the top, leads to the display on the first floor. The exhibition room is a neutral box connected to the tower by a glass bridge. Untreated spruce is the main material used throughout. Wood represents a renewable resource and ensures easy assembly and disassembly of the structure as well as recyclability.