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Markus Scherer Architekt

Wiedergewinnung der Festung Franzensfeste

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Alessandra Chemollo


“Begun under Francis I in the year1833 – completed by Ferdinand I in the year1838” reads the Latin inscription over the gate of the fortress. It is the largest fortification in the Alpine region. Despite its imposing appearance, the fortress was never really used for wartime purposes. After it was acquired by the province of South Tyrol, new possibilities opened up for the cultural monument: the former fortification was to become a setting for cultural exchange. The basic idea behind the revitalisation was to maintain the unspoiled state of the building fabric and make it suitable for modern use through minimal interventions. The patina and the aura of the fortress thus persist in harmony with the modifications. A few carefully chosen elements establish new circulation routes within the complex, enabling it to be used as an exhibition space. The materials selected blend in with the local scenery. Their colours and textures suggest associations with the existing architecture, but still render the recent changes clearly legible.