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Graber & Steiger Architekten

Pilatus Kulm Panorama Gallery

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Dominique Marc Wehrli


Form follows mountain

The striking crystalline silhouette of the Pilatus massif is taken up in the design of the new connecting gallery and transposed into architectural form. Subtly, the new adapter piece nestles into the Alpine scenery, melding the existing buildings and distinctive rock outcrops of Mount Pilatus into an artificial topography. The polygonal, meandering floor plan as well as the softly modulated cross-section are part of a spatial strategy that serves to generate unique, defined areas and create smooth transitions between artificial and natural landscapes. The polygonal connecting building choreographs a series of spectacular perspectives and breath-taking scenic outlooks. The gallery and observation deck succeed in heightening perception, ultimately orchestrating the landscape views and leading the visitor through the ensemble of buildings and the bordering Alpine spaces via a series of memorable sight lines.