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Erweiterung Michael-Ende-Schule, Frankfurt am Main

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Oliver Rieger


In addition to requiring more space for natural sciences classrooms, the Michael-Ende-Schule in Frankfurt am Main wanted to add a new single-room gym. The aim of the design was to create an autonomous, distinctive building that would nonetheless have a scale in keeping with its heterogeneous neighbours. The length of the sports field determined the floor area, with auxiliary rooms on two levels added to create a square plan. To limit the height of the building, the gym is located one storey under terrain level. The new science rooms and a multipurpose room are arranged on the roof of the gym. Observing the principle of reduction, a deep recess in the homogeneous volume marks the main entrance toward the existing schoolyard, while further notches in the upper storey serve to let daylight into the classrooms and keep the building contours to the desired scale. Executed as a passive house with thermal energy requirements of 12 kWh/m²/a, the building falls significantly below the prescribed limit.