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Grundschule Rodeneck

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Gustav Willeit


The new three-storey school building is set on the edge of a slope and can therefore be seen clearly from the valley below. With its uniform facade design and large windows, the structure appears clean-lined and straightforward from a distance. The entrance is located on the east side, toward the village. It is not closed, however, but is instead glazed so that a view of the valley can be enjoyed from the transparent foyer. Due to the steep slope, the basement level enjoys full daylight. It houses the youth room and workrooms, while on the ground floor the cafeteria and foyer can be connected as needed to form a spacious event area. The colour scheme and material concept are simple and reduced: the cream-coloured surfaces of the rough-textured plaster facade and interiors are complemented by red rubber flooring in the classrooms and bright yellow washrooms.