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Käferstein & Meister Architekten

Wohnhaus in Küsnacht

best architects 13 in Gold

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Goswin Schwendinger


Located on the edge of the forest, the building already perplexes the viewer from afar with its rugged appearance. The use of stone blocks to form the walls, window lintels and grid-like composite surfaces creates a relief-like differentiation and sophistication that has the feel of urban architecture. The reserved street front, looking like a page out of a master builder’s rule book, is nonetheless lent some unpredictable and intriguing touches in the form of a protruding chimney, roof offsets and freely placed windows. The building has the look of an outpost of urban architecture, reminiscent of the English country houses by Charles Voysey and Edwin Lutyens. Under the shelter of a slightly projecting canopy, the visitor is greeted by a custom-carpentered ashwood door. It forms the prelude to an inner sequence of rooms whose dramaturgy is dictated by the use of timeless materials. Various types of wood maintain an equilibrium within the large-scale spatial continuum that extends through the entire house. Tiered floor offsets trace the topography of the property.