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Franke Seiffert Architekten

Katholisches Kinderhaus Sankt Martin, Tübingen

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Brigida González


The careful placement of the building on the triangular site ensures it a strong presence in the townscape. A public square is created on the town side, while a large garden with old-growth trees is located to the south. The double-pitch roof type seen in the neighbouring buildings is reinterpreted here: combined with a polygonal floor plan, it results in a striking cubature. The house has the look of an earthbound monolith, with facade and roof converging. The facades are executed in naturally coloured finely scraped stucco, the roof clad with liquid sealant strewn with natural stone fragments. A central hall opens up the view all the way to the roof ridge and creates varying room proportions with views able to wander inside, through the building and outside. The design concept plays variations on perforation in the facade, roof and walls. Thanks to a variety of skylights, the hall is transformed into a brightly lit space. The reduced colour scheme and materials were chosen for naturalness, durability and versatile tactile experiences.