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Kindergarten + Hort Korefschule in Linz

best architects 13

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Hertha Hurnaus


The listed Dr. Ernst Koref School Centre from the 1950s – a linear structure with a long access corridor – now has a new addition in one section of its park-like grounds: a building housing a four-group kindergarten on the ground floor and an eight-group nursery with recreation room and staff area on the upper floor. The compact new building complements the comb-like structure of the existing one and continues on its interior the dynamic sequence of open and closed spaces. The group rooms are organised to create a series of different spatial experiences, including subtle spaces for retreat, looking out the window, or stepping outside. In response to the differentiated outdoor areas with their old-growth trees, not only is a central courtyard available as a play-eating-learning area, but also loggias for year-round use, accessible from the group rooms, as well as a terrace with recreation space. The central element of the school is the 120-meter-long connecting corridor, which was structurally restored and given modern glazed walls. Thanks to a new “knitted” facade of stainless steel wire with floral ornament (designed by artist Maria Hahnenkamp), this corridor has been upgraded to a kind of “boulevard” between buildings.