wiesflecker-architekten zt gmbh: Lebensmittelmarkt, Drogeriemarkt, Tankstelle: Mpreis - best architects 13

wiesflecker-architekten zt gmbh

Lebensmittelmarkt, Drogeriemarkt, Tankstelle: Mpreis

best architects 13

commercial/industrial buildings




Markus Bstieler


What is it possible to contribute to the high level of the discussion with the Mölk family regarding the architecture of their markets? The search for a sensual, basic space was the starting point, and led to the proposal to create an inviting setting expressing common human spatial experiences. This sensual, basic space is housed in a rough concrete box – with deliberately rough-surfaced formwork used in order to make outside and inside clearly distinguishable. This shell will age and gather traces of time, hopefully soon taking on the look of “South American” concrete. Inside, a monochromatic space features scene-setting skylights that bring in northern light via dynamically leaning supporting elements. The general market space condenses into different areas. In urban planning terms, the three functional units of supermarket, drugstore and petrol station form a building sequence that creates its own plaza. The calm, monochromatic, and yet extremely space-defining stance is a clear statement amidst a very heterogeneous environment, demonstrating clearly the cultural aspirations of the clients.