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Kaufhaus Gerngross

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Jasmin Schuller


The layout of the existing building was unclear and confusing. In order to improve this situation, the various levels were configured with smaller tenant structures (ground floor, first, second and fifth floor) and new floor plans. The existing atrium with its escalator was staged more dramatically and is now the focal point of the centre. It widens as it reaches the sales floors and melds with them through the rounding of the individual ceilings. The new layout is in the shape of a star with the atrium at its centre. The individual shops are distinguished by different floor coverings and ceiling surfaces, creating an orientation system that is readily comprehensible and makes the department store seem more organised. This block structure is carried forward on the new facade. An ornamental, semi-transparent white screen is set before large colour fields. The result is a volume made of light and colour, which when seen at an oblique angle is perceived more as a white ornamental field and from head-on reveals its background hues.