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Lagerhalle Landesforstbetrieb, Schaan

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Martin Walser


The State Forestry Department of the Principality of Liechtenstein needed a new building to store equipment and vehicles. The basic idea was to build a functional structure serving the operational needs of a forest nursery using simple means and elements. The new building was placed in relation to the two existing buildings in such a way that the ensemble now forms a courtyard-like outdoor space, giving the forestry operations a new focal point. Self-supporting stacked timber walls were used on both interior and exterior, made of unedged spruce boards that require no further components such as vertical supports or the like. Apart from connecting the wall elements together by means of tie rods, no other structural engineering measures were required. The facade boards sawn from round timber (logs) 35 to 50 centimetres in diameter give rise to a lively, structured and somewhat rustic appearance. This produces an image of simplicity and reduction that is however constantly changing depending on the weather and height of the sun in the sky.