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Lukas Schaller


Ingenia GmbH, a supplier of specialised processing equipment, sets high standards in particular in the development of modern hot-dip galvanising machines and logistics solutions. A new Technology Centre was built for the company in Linz’s Südpark in 2010. Nestled in a park landscape, an office building and factory hall stand face-to-face. The office building, perched for the most part on supports, seems to hover just above the ground. It offers generously dimensioned spaces for administration and engineering on a single storey, connected and at the same time delimited by a conference room, a bar and an open common area. One level below are parking spaces and social spaces for the employees. Outdoors, the main eye-catcher is a swimming pond with a wooden deck and adjacent bistro as attractive recreation areas. The cornerstone behind the concept for this office building is open communication combined with undisturbed work – with transparency as the key. The Ingenia Technology Centre provides its employees with creative space for developing innovative ideas.