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Haus KE 12

best architects 13 in Gold

multi-family homes




Rainer Retzlaff


In the southern part of Memmingen’s Old Town, a townhouse with two apartments has been built that looks on the street side like the classic “three-window houses” found in so many cities. The contour of the mansard roof of the former building that stood on this site, its number of storeys and its footprint have all been preserved and adapted to today’s requirements. A perforated facade, with slight offsets on each storey of the gable side, interprets historical ornament and design themes in a clean-lined, modern fashion. Each apartment has a private entrance from Kempter Strasse and extends over four all storeys from ground floor to attic. By arranging an opposing stairway in the middle of the building, it was possible to connect both flats to the public side of the building on Kempter Strasse as well as to the private backyard in the west via a single access zone. From the second floor up, the rooms also face north and south. This gives rise to varied and flexible living spaces, including garden, balcony and rooftop terrace, hence offering the residents many of the amenities of country life in the middle of the city.