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Rüdiger Lainer + Partner Architekten

“Kagraner Idylle“ Wohnbau Kagraner Spange - LGV

best architects 13

multi-family homes






Hubert Dimko


On a former industrial site, a new, multi-use city quarter has been developed near a newly constructed subway station. The overlaying of “urban significance” and “rural tranquillity” creates a distinctive neighbourhood with a high quality of life. Green borders, stacked patio flats inter-spersed with highrises, and a network of pedestrian and cycle paths give this district an unmistakably urban character. These diverse and multifunctional urban spaces attempt to reinterpret the spatial and social qualities of historical cities. While the introverted, stacked patio flats offer all the comforts of suburban single-family homes, the “extroverted” townhouses interspersed among them highlight the benefits of urban living. The patio homes present a version of single-family living that is in keeping with modern requirements in terms of space, design and ecology, while allowing for variable layouts, partitions and combinations. A simple modular system forms the basis for the townhouses, which accommodate within an identical building shell a series of different floor plans.