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Wohn- und Geschäftshaus Badenerstrasse, Zürich

best architects 13

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Giuseppe Micciché


The building straddles the entire plot between Badenerstrasse and the new Hardau city park. Six offset volumes are placed atop a massive base. Closed on the side toward the busy street and broken up by comfortable balconies on the park front, the building responds appropriately to the specific conditions of its site. The starting point for the design was to create apartments extending through from front to back, oriented southward as well as toward the park. The linear arrangement of the rooms creates a gracious spatial continuum despite the small size of the flats, with long sight axes and modulated narrowings allowing for a zoning of the spaces. A cross-wall structure used throughout the residential storeys is resolved on the shop floor in rows of supports. Atop a base storey of in-situ concrete, the six residential floors are constructed of timber elements. The facade is clad in back-ventilated fibre-reinforced concrete panels that promise long-term easy maintenance. This material also lends the building the desired look of solid masonry so that it blends in with the rusticated stone walls of the neighbouring 19th-century townhouses. The project was developed according to the criteria of the 2000-watt society. It is the first building in Zurich to meet these high standards.