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Reihenhäuser “blue notes“, Richterswil

best architects 13

multi-family homes




Andrea Helbling


The terraced house, a type common in city suburbs, was chosen here. With its scale and fine articulation, the building is able to mediate between its heterogeneous neighbours. The low volumes follow the course of the terrain. Cut-outs in the upper floor dissolve the building’s bulk and lend it a rhythmic quality. Expressively cantilevered elements and large expanses of glass afford sweeping views and individuality. Their overall effect also creates a welcoming entrance front inspiring casual encounters. The 14 houses with 4-6 rooms and 140-180 sqm each are organised around three individually customisable storeys. The entry level also contains a basement and carport, which can also be used as a playroom or work space. The bedrooms and living room are on the middle floor. The top floor offers sun throughout the day, along with a view and a private terrace. Stylish contrasts, textured plaster and glazed panels all exude an upscale standard and reinforce the plasticity of the volumes through the play of light, shadows and reflections.