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Drei Terrassenhäuser, Luzern

best architects 13

multi-family homes




Ruedi Walti


The property is the last parcel suitable for development on the edge of an agricultural zone. It slopes steeply up from the street toward the north. In the west it is bordered by a residential district, in the north by forest, in the east and south by meadows and vineyards. The new buildings are stepped one above the other in an offset arrangement, with the lowest level serving as car park. This configuration affords all residents of the three single-family homes privacy and an unobstructable panoramic view of Lake Lucerne and the mountains. The houses are accessed via outdoor stairs along the east facade. All of them feature similar characteristics, such as their placement in the terrain, the south-facing living rooms and bedrooms with large-surface glazing, and spacious terraces. The design of the grounds responds sensitively to the natural conditions. The greening of the terraces can be understood as “returning land to Mother Nature”.