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Rose am Lend

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Paul Ott


The Rose am Lend is more than just a building. It is a snapshot of an historical development: the transformation of one of the most diverse districts in the city of Graz. The Rose am Lend proclaims a strong and distinctive identity in a very heterogeneous urban environment. One of the oldest buildings on Lendplatz, it has now been refurbished to offer eleven apartments and business premises on the ground floor. The building thus carries on its own tradition of commerce and trade as well as the tradition of Lendplatz as a market square. Integrating the building into the architectural as well as social context was an essential aim of the project from the outset. A club was already opened there during the planning phase, and the business premises downstairs are still available today for holding events. The design likewise deliberately picks up on what was there before and transforms the context. The rose motif, for example, is a reference to the late Baroque period when the building was constructed, and its title is a play on the name of the former occupant, “Schuhhaus am Lend”, and an allusion to the statue of St. Rosalia on Lendplatz.