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Burkhalter Sumi Architekten

Wohnüberbauung Fluh

best architects 13

multi-family homes




Heinz Unger


These volumes roughly correspond to the graininess of the setting and thus insinuate themselves into the organic structure of the place. They respect the sight lines between the villas, and the ridge of the hill remains visible. The grain and positioning of the buildings at different heights increase their permeability. The surrounding landscape becomes part of the new development. The site is divided by the striking Nagelfluh ridge into three typologically different spaces, also reflected in the different location categories of the apartments: A - The House on the RoaD__On the north side of the site, relating to the quarter and with visual connections to the industrial buildings. Public uses such as child day-care, doctor’s offices and common areas are set on the ground floor along the street. B - The House on the HilL__The floating house lies atop the hill like “eyebrows”, but leaves the ridge free in the south. Distant vista of lake and mountains. C - The House at the Foot of the HilL__On the south-facing “foot” of the cliff, with views of lake and mountains, but at the same time integrated into the neighbourhood’s garden landscape.