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Haus S

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Thomas Herrmann


This building project is a central theme in contemporary urban development: urban densification through the use of the roof as valuable construction space. The challenge faced by the architects here was to find a contemporary way of adding another storey to a bungalow-like residential building from the 60s. To avoid compromising the character of the original building with the extension, three individual structures were erected on the large overhanging flat roof and connected by a glass corridor. The three structures define different open spaces: a natural-looking meadow with small apple tree in the south-west, a secluded, stone-clad courtyard with a Shore Pine in the north, and a roof patio in the east, next to which a magnolia was planted. The new units house the master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom as well as living room and study. Most of the fixtures were removed from the existing ground floor so that the living/dining area now covers almost the entire floor. This level also contains children’s bedrooms with dressing room and bathroom.