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Haus 11x11

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Jens Weber & Orla Conolly


House 11x11 is the logical successor to House 9x9. They are both based on the idea of designing a compact-looking house made of homogeneous materials offering the greatest possible usable space inside a small envelope, to serve a family as a live-in sculpture whose inner organisation can be read on its outer skin. House 11x11 is an icon for its users, with a symbolic resonance and exhibiting a new method of construction: the compact shell is clad in a facade of vertical wooden slats without counter-battens, all converging at the roof ridge. This strategy gives the house a striking graphic character, reinforced by the varying densities and very precise setting of the slats, also integrating the wooden window frames. The interior organisation features an open-plan ground floor as spatial continuum interrupted only by an installed core for utilities. Optical connections between the ground floor and upper level are achieved through airspaces and carefully orchestrated lighting.